Attention followers, friends, and fans-

I have created a new account on account of several recent life changes. Follow for art, photography, stories, quotes, advice, recipes, political jargon, etc. And all intellectually stimulating topics at

Desperately Seeking HELP THEME!!?


So I’ve been trying to set up a website for quite some time now, and I’m pretty much willing to pay someone to help me at this point. Here is what I need-

3 image links on home page/blog that link to certain tags in my blog, (art photography design) or text links with subcategory tags (art>drawings>) I want the description of each image to show, and be able to link to an outside source. Ex.

Click Art> (shows all tags art) drawings> (shows all tags art,drawings) Picture one> Art by me, description, purchase HERE(link to paypal)

I’m looking for a very classy, large image, photo portfolio, with an about/contact page.

I do not want follow buttons, or install theme or reblog buttons, but I can do share buttons.

I would like a live twitter feed on the home page as well.

Minimalistic, classy, clean and simple, easy to navigate, with some custom css for link animation, black and white image scrollover, etc. I want it to look non-tumblr specific.

I have been attempting to code such a website for WEEKS and I give up. Will someone PLEASE work with me? 

Send me a message and I will get back to you immediately if this seems like a project you’re willing to take on.. or even if you’ve seen a theme something like this that i can work from..

Hey :)

I just created a portfolio of my favorite work at

Check it out, thanks :)

My mother is a compulsive hoarder.

My whole life, its been “my fault” there was a mess. And I came to my breaking point and moved out.

Its gotten significantly worse since, leaving me to wonder, was I the reason the house was ever in liveable condition?

We don’t have alot of money..

and I want to surprise him for christmas by replacing his favorite shoes, but we share a bank account so I made money on the side by selling some of my unwanted things, but now he’s all grumpy and suspicious.. 

But otherwise he’d see the missing funds in our account and question it. I don’t know what to do :(

I just want to make him happy. I tried to be honest and tell him that I’m selling things, maybe that’s why he’s upset? 

but I had to lie about why I’m selling them so it would still be a surprise. UGH